vision and diabetes

For our purposes here, we need to focus on the effects of diabetes on the visual system. Diabetes generates a predisposal to blindness which is twenty times that of the general population! The regular use of insulin serves to keep the diabetic alive and functioning normally, but the disease continues to cause physical problems, not only with the eyes, but with heart attack incidence, kidney problems, and poor circulation as well.

It is the circulation factor which most seriously affects a diabetic’ eyes. There are two main developments which can occur, one which usually affects diabetics under 40, and the other which is usually found over this age. With the latter situation, the primary problem is that the capillaries which bring blood to the retina develop an unexplained tendency to leak blood, plasma, and fat-retaining materials, which then collect on the retina.

This leakage affects over 60 per cent of diabetics who develop retinal complications due to their disease, and is called background retinopathy. It does not generate total blindness, but causes a serious reduction in vision due to the covering of the retina with clumps of leakage.

There is obviously not room in a blog such as this, for a complete discussion of the relationship between inherited stress and chronic arousal patterns, and the development of diabetes. What we can focus upon in this alternative approach is a simple diabetic vision program which you can use to explore your ability to heal yourself to whatever extent is possible.

Regardless of which specific visual dysfunction you might be suffering from, or if you have not developed a difficulty but know you might develop one, you can do holistic program basic mind and body healing session to focus the proper state of consciousness on your eyes.

Depending on your age, you know what retinal difficulties might develop, or have developed, in your particular case. Your challenge is to direct your mind to send orders, or requests, to the cells and tissue of your retina and vitreous humour, so that these complications do not develop, or are reversed if they have already begun.


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