glaucomas alternative approach (2)

Anxiety is a blocking of an outward movement of the feelings. It is a constriction. We see this constriction in the diaphragm muscle, the chest muscles, the throat particularly, the vocal chords and tongue – so why not assume it could develop in the visual centre as well? As glaucomas!

It should be once again pointed out that certainly, particular doctors and professors in the medical world are now making this step from ‘Newtonian’ medicine to ‘Einsteinian’ medicine. The primary problem with medical education and training is that it requires so much memorization and conceptual work, there is simply no time, space, or energy left for the doctor to develop an expanded understanding of health based on the holistic notion of human organisms.

We are seeing the breakdown of the traditional medical system, as you are most likely aware. But at the same time, evolution carries on, and new forms rise up, often right in the middle of the medical community.

But please notice the vast difference in this approach to the medical approach: in traditional medicine, the patient is the passive victim, putting all his trust and hope in the actions of the external agent, the doctor and the doctor’s drugs. Healing is a process instigated by the intervention of the doctor/priest, with the helpless patient looking to the will and consciousness of the doctor to bring it about.

Does healing or glaucoma healing actually take place in this manner?

If disease is caused by external agents, with the ill person an innocent victim of chance infection, etc., then an external agent could enter the picture and do battle with the external agent causing the disease.

But if disease (glaucoma) is caused by unconscious emotional constrictions and negative thought patterns generated by the consciousness of the patient him or herself, then it must be the patient who acts directly, to heal him or herself.

Don’t you think this way as well?


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