retina miracles and tragedies

“We have now explored almost every major aspect of our eyes. We have seen how the shape of the eye and the curvature of the cornea can affect vision. We have taken a close look at the inner crystalline lens and the muscles which alter its focusing shape. We have considered the purpose and problems of the aqueous humour as it is created by the ciliary body and flows down through the front chamber of the eye. And we have seen how the extraocular muscles which surround and move the eyes make possible stereoscopic vision, and at times interfere with this vision. Except for the back sections of the eye, we have made a full survey of function, problems, and cures.

But we have still ahead of us a most remarkable aspect of vision, the actual processing of the light which enters the eye into electro- chemical information to be sent to the brain. And for this final phase of our journey, we find ourselves face to face with a seemingly miraculous region of the eye called the retina.

The retina is a thin, photosensitive layer of the eye, covering the inner surface of the back regions and held in place by the jelly-like substance which fills the back chamber of the eye. This jelly-like substance is called the vitreous humour, and we should first take a look at this rather large section of the eye, to see its relationship with the retina itself.

The vitreous humour, unlike the aqueous humour in the frontal chamber, is not in circulation. Instead of being regularly (every four hours) replaced by new liquid, it is a permanent jelly, serving the main purpose of holding the eye to its proper shape, and holding the retina in place in the back curved regions of the eye.

I have been studying this part of the eye for a number of years already, and will certainly continue to study it for the rest of my life without fully understanding it, because our scientific grasp of its functioning is still in its infancy. The deeper we look, the deeper the mystery becomes. But this is true with all of science as we look at the infinite depths of the universe, and so for now we must be content with our present level of understanding.”

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