relax to improve your vision

The present post shows the other approach to stress reduction /vision improvement — direct focusing on relaxation.

For most of us, our extraocular muscles surrounding the eyes, and the ciliary muscles inside the eyes, are overly tense. If we could only directly massage these muscles, there would be a simple method for dealing with this chronic tension. But the muscles are unavailable for direct contact. So we must turn to the next most practical methods of relaxation.

First begin with the whole body. If the muscles of your body in general receive orders from the brain to relax, you can be certain that the visual muscles receive relaxation suggestions also.

Relaxation is a natural response of the body following physical exertion. What we want to do is to activate this natural process. So first do some jumping, or the personal power exercise, or the fear/ assertion movements. Breathe powerfully and allow your body to develop a sense of increased vitality. Notice how these exercises are affecting your eyes.

Then, to further stimulate the ocular muscles, does the head stimulation exercise, pounding on your head to shake the eyes and loosen the surrounding muscles. The reverse-gravity hang will also help in this first step towards visual relaxation and tension reduction.

Another technique for a visual relaxation is drawn from the Chinese acupressure tradition, employing the fingers to provide stimulation to points which are related with visual relaxation.

Either sitting or lying down, place your thumbs over your temples and arch your fingers so that the forefingers are over the eyebrows. Begin with the fingers touching each other. As you slowly exhale, pull the forefingers across the eyebrows, pressing firmly as you do so, thus stimulating the four acupressure points which he along this line of the eyebrows. You will probably notice the points as you move over them.

Inhale as you move your fingers back to the first position, and then repeat this movement three or four times, always on the exhale. Then cover your eyes with your hands in the palming position  and relax further. (for detalled description of the exercises see Chapter 1 of our holistic program)


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