psychological factor in hyperopia

The standard treatment for hyperopia is optic: reading glasses are required, and for many children, glasses are recommended for both near and also distance vision, to minimize visual stress and resultant headaches.

Concretely, what needs to happen to the hyperopic eye is that it needs to become slightly more elongated, as shown in the illustration. Also, the cornea needs to become more curved, so as to bend the light at a greater angle and cause proper focusing on the retinal surface, rather than behind it.


At this point in history, no one knows the answer to this question, and few eye doctors are receptive to such psychological theories of causation. But as with myopia, we can go one step further and ask the next logical question: if there were a psychological condition in infancy that inhibited the development of the visual system, might it be possible in adulthood or with youngsters as well, to move beyond this condition?

And if you regularly wear hyperopic glasses or contact lenses, you might want to have your prescription reduced one diopter, so that there is room for improvement in your visual system. If your glasses do most of the focusing work for you, then your vision will naturally become lazy and inefficient. You should also spend regular hours without wearing your glasses, so that you continue to remain in touch with your natural visual condition, and do not feel totally dependent on your glasses for survival.


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