Thank you for your interest in NaturalVision Holistic Program
The LuckOf The Myopic
For persons interested in participate who do not use  credit card or are not familiar with Paypal payments, we offer two alternatives to purchase the Complete Holistic Program
1. Very easy payment with Western Union:

a) Deposit the value of Holistic Program in any agency of Western Union
b) Addressee:    Lech Bitka, Esmeraldas – Ecuador
c) Email the Transference Control number and your first and second name to
Once the transaction is verified we will send you IMMEDIATELY the Complete Holistic Program to the suitable electronic address.

You can verify your WesternUnion transaction HERE.

2. Easy bank transfer from all countries

a)  Transfer the value of Holistic Program using the SWAP: PICHIQUI 3175546104
b)  Email the copy of  the transaction to and we will send you immediately the COMPLETE HOLISTIC PROGRAM to the suitable electronic address.

Thank You

for any question mailto:

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