hyperopia and breathing

Curiously, most babies are born with hyperopic eyes, and our first weeks and months of seeing are defined by this inability to focus clearly on near objects. The eyes are not fully developed at birth, and continue to grow and alter their shape for a number of months until sharp focusing is possible.

For this reason, an understanding of hyperopia is possible from the psychological-causation approach, as well as the genetic approach.

Research has not yet been completed to determine the accuracy of this new theory, but if you are hyperopic, or if your child has this condition, you can evaluate the logic for yourself: could early childhood traumas inhibit the development of visual functioning and shape? Is there a correlation between negative environmental conditions in infancy and a tendency towards hyperopia?

Hyperopic children tend to have breathing patterns which inhibit general expression as well. The breathing is usually shallow, high in the chest, and frequently held. This reflects an early childhood condition of apprehension and uncertainty.

Even if you do not think you can recover from your visual condition, you should consider whether you have this breath inhibition which limits your emotional and mental functioning, and take steps to recover from this habit.

Specifically, the exercises already described in Part One of our Natural Vision Holistic Program, which integrate visual movements with smooth rhythmic breathing, are ideal. As soon as you begin to focus on your breathing, you will notice ways in which the full exhalation is blocked, and recurrent times when you hold your breath rather than breathing smoothly through a breath cycle. Simple awareness of your breathing will generate positive alterations. And if you want further guidance in this direction, a complementary text called Responsive Breathing is available.

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