how to get rid of myopia without surgery

Welcome to this cultural space created to rediscover and  remember the limitless potential of self healing that we all possess as spiritual beings in all moments of our visual and vital experience. 

With every hour that passed, more and more doctors and scientists agree that our emotional habits, mental states and behavior models influence in the health and vitality in a direct and powerful way. More and more new methods of self-help arise in those which these internal states, instead of being ignored, foment and potency the healing.

More than a simple repetition of the traditional point of views on the functioning of the eyes and development of the eyesight illnesses, we want to dedicate this space to something much more joyful.  Especially, we like stand out the deepest aspects in the vision; the correlation between emotions, mental states and the visual habits.

Also you will find here quite different focus on causes of vision problems as well as descriptions of some practical and natural techniques that allow to connect your conscious desire of a clear vision with the biochemical functioning.

The method I’m talking about is based on the research and work of the North American therapist and psychologist John Selby.  I have used these techniques to improve my own vision and recover from strong myopia and astigmatism without any external help.  These techniques are still in the experimental stage; nevertheless I consider them as excellent tools capable to guide you toward a notable progress in your visual health. And you can apply them without any risk.

Once becamoming free of myopia, now I like to share this very valuable knowledge with all visitors and subscribers to my blog.

Lech K. Bitka

P.S. Good news! If you want to download FREE and without any commitment over 50 pages of high value content that I used myself for cure my own eyesight, please enter your name and email into the form to the right or visit my website.

9 comments to how to get rid of myopia without surgery

  • Toufic Azure

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please I’m suffering from myopia and I’m just 15 years. This problem just started last two years. So I’ll need your most convenient help available.

    • TheLuckOfTheMyopic

      Sorry for having overlooked your comment.
      Please start with the free introduction to see if the method resonates with your understanding of the problem

  • Glenn A. Hebron

    i have a fibrosis and myopia on my right eye and i dont want to wear any kind of special glasses or lens.
    i am suffering this eye defects only 8 days ago..
    please help me regaine my vision again. tnx -glenn

    • TheLuckOfTheMyopic

      Hi, it’s up to you Glenn.
      Please start with the exercices contained in the free introductory part
      and see if you like it before you go to the complete program which is designed
      especialy for vision natural recovery.
      Sorry for hadn’t notice your comment before. All the best.

  • rohit

    sir i am suffering from myopia for the last 2 years now iam 14. i got glasses 1 month ago and iam wearing it the whole day.i dont want to wear it anymore . i need your help. please send me the eercises to do in the right time as soon as possible. thank you.

  • Vatharina

    Hi I have been sufering from Myopia since I was 8, My prescription is really high, (-17 and -16) Please tell me If your method would really work on me. Thank you

  • teja

    i am suffering from myopia from 6 years is it possible to get rid of myopia

  • Sara

    I have myopia and I am 18year s old.I want to get rid of this myopia naturally is there any such tips for my eyes

  • S Kumar

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Doctor has diagnoised -1 Number (for both eyes) for 4 years child.
    How the child can get rid of this problem? what is the problem exactly called?

    Best Regards,
    S Kumar

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