the glaucomas – inner eye pressure

The term glaucoma carries with it an aura both of mystery and anxiety. Glaucoma is a devious condition, in that no noticeable symptoms develop until after damage has actually begun to occur in the visual system. The only early detection method is a regular yearly check-up with the eye doctor, who can perform simple tests to determine if glaucoma is or is not developing.

As we have already seen briefly, the interior of the eye is filled primarily with liquid. There are two main chambers inside the eye, the frontal chamber which is filled with aqueous humour, and the back chamber which is filled with a more permanent jelly called vitreous humour.

Glaucoma is a condition which develops in the frontal, aqueous chamber, and which then affects the entire eye in that it increases the overall pressure inside the eye.

There are two alternative understandings of the cause and treatment of glaucoma. First we will consider the traditional medical model of this condition, and then we shall expand the discussion to explore a more holistic understanding, and present a new method of treatment. These two approaches are not mutually exclusive. Actually, the newer approach builds upon the firm base of medical science, and looks one step further into the causal factors of the condition. With both points of view in place, we should gain a stereoscopic perspective on the problem, and have a clear notion of how to proceed.

As with all other parts of the body, the eye must maintain an optimum balance between the outside world and the interior realms. With glaucoma, we find the development of a crucial imbalance. The interior pressure of the eye begins to increase, generating numerous complications for the functioning and health of the organ.

Traditionally, the aim of medical treatment of glaucoma has been to detect an increase in pressure of the eye as soon as possible, and to use drugs to control the pressure so that no more damage will be done to the optic nerve. If the condition is detected soon enough, lifetime drug therapy can control glaucoma and preserve the vision intact.

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