glaucomas alternative treatment approach (1)

We now take a step back from the medical model, and consider the human being as a whole. What does it mean that the eye pressure is increasing? If we put aside the concept that we are pure victims of the ravages of disease, and consider the possibility that we in fact generate our physical ailments why would this condition develop?

The emotional causation theme has long been popular with glaucoma patients and certain ophthalmologists as well.

A traditionalist text on glaucoma states:

‘There seems to be a great tendency among patients to wonder whether nervousness or anxiety has an adverse influence on their glaucoma. Some ophthalmologists are convinced that such is the case. However, the evidence looks quite inconclusive. Attempts to alleviate chronic glaucoma by means of sedatives and tranquillizers seem to us to have been notably unsuccessful, although in an occasional patient some benefit may have resulted.’ *G. K. Krieglstein, Glaucoma, page 7 (New York, I983).

From this short and indecisive statement, we can see the workings of the traditional medical mind. First of all, the entire notion of emotional causation is brushed aside simply because ‘the evidence looks quite inconclusive’. Secondly, the attempts to alter emotional habits with patients were limited to the grossest, and most unsuccessful, form of emotional treatment, that of sedative and tranquillizer treatment. Even in considering emotional causation, doctors still have nothing to offer but the ingestion of drugs for altering a condition of anxiety or stress.

What do we begin to see when we take a closer look at the nature of anxiety? First of all, the word itself comes from the old German angst, which originally meant ‘a choking in the narrows’? This term not only defines anxiety, it also exactly defines what happens in the trabecular meshwork!

If we consider for a moment that glaucoma is not an isolated incident in the eye, but a general expression of a condition of the whole person, what do we find? A person who is anxious is holding in emotions, rather than letting them flow out.


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