The following messages were sent spontaneously by individuals who have had the opportunity of experiencing the Holistic Program to improve their vision naturally: “The Luck of the Myopic”.  These are just a few of the responses received from various countries on a daily basis.


“Dear Lech,
Your ebook is fantastic. It offers a complete physical and spiritual transformation, and is absolutely fascinating. I am already getting so much from it, and am only on page 64 of Book 1! Thank you. Best wishes.” Stammy Cottakis

“Fine, many thanks.  I am 13 years-old and having been investigating many methods for my myopia.  Many have not worked, but yours does!  Many thanks.” Christian

“Hi! Lech.  I’m contacting you once more, firstly to thank you for all the information and secondly to ask a few questions and make a couple of suggestions.  I am  Sofia from Argentina, I’m 24 years old and it’s now 4 months since I stopped using glasses and contact lenses with quite high myopia (-7) and the changes are incredible, particularly of perception and connecting to myself.  I occasionally have completely clear “flashes”, but then they disappear.  Recently, I have not felt like doing the exercises.  My question is….did this happen to you.  Did you ever have a fear of being able to see well again?
Many thanks Lech, I look forward to receiving your comments!” Sofia

“Hi Lech: I just wanted to thank you for sending me the free introduction to your book to my email address (Thank God I discovered your Site because I was becoming a bit desperate about my vision). I am now interested in receiving the complete method.” Esperanza

“Firstly, congratulations for the magnificent course that you have prepared for short-sighted people like me. I would like to know what I have to do to download the complete course.
Best regards.” Miguel

“Hi. I want to congratulate you for the material that you offer on your webpage, for your knowledge, for your sensitivity and tender understanding.  I want to encourage you to continue offering help with your work. Many people are now ready to receive, put into action and benefit from this information. Thanks for everything. You should be aware that in Spain you have one more friend.  I am willing to help you in anything you need or that you wish to share. Warm greetings.” Daniela

“I like these talks, not only because they heal my eyes but because the help my whole body and soul.  I feel very fortunate to have discovered this blog.  May God bless you.”
José Flores

“Friends, you cannot imagine how much I need to read this.  It fills my soul, my spirit and my life.”
Jesus Díaz

“Dear Lech, I’m italian and I saw youe blog in yahoo answers. I’ d like to tell you that you reminds me Martin Brofman 🙂  I’m healing from myopia doing vision’s exercises cause I can’t find a real relax, my life is full of problems. But I loved so much watching your words, when everything people tell me I can’t recover. I will delete myopia.
Ciao :)” Veronica

“Lech! Many thanks for the response!!  I am going to follow your advice. As a Psychologist I am convinced that change is possible … at every level in the human being!!
If this works for me … I promise to take responsibility for disseminating it throughout Argentina!!” Regards!! Lou

“Many thanks Lech.
I have already started to read this promotion material and as soon as I can I will buy the course in order to begin.  You have given us short-sighted people hope of better sight without having to resort to any operation that, although it may eliminate the visual problem, could also turn out badly and make our situation even worse.
Furthermore, the technical part of the operation by laser is in its early days and the effects on the eye or on the liver or the tendons are still unknown (related to traditional Chinese medicine) over the long-term.”
Thanks. Frank.”

“I am very grateful to you.  I shall be alert to you advice.  Thank you.  May God bless you”
José Elias

“Hi Lech,
I have downloaded the “the luck of the myopic” material, but I haven’t finished reading it yet.  I know that it’s going to be useful for everyone, although the intention was to have it for my parents, but they haven’t received it yet because they live 11,000 km from where I live.  I have read part of it and I like it very much.  I know that they are going to like it too and that it will be useful.  Also, many thanks for the email that you sent me on fear and freedom.  The material that you send me is very useful for my studies (holistic kinesiology), although I haven’t finished it yet.  Good-bye for now.”
Marcelly Cardama

“Hola Lech,
I am writing to you because I am very interested in your webpage  !!!
Professionally, I am engaged in teaching all about natural vision, and everything I can learn for myself to help other is very welcome. I was also myopic with almost 4 dioptres… Now I am less than 1. Together with Maurizio Cagnoli, we have created our first natural vision school in Barcelona, and I am helping to promote better vision in my city of Barcelona and in the rest of Spain.  In the annual course, we have practical workshops at the weekends, classes during the week and individual sessions … more good sight for everyone!!
Thanks and best wishes.  Bye for now.”

“Many, many thanks for all the valuable information I have received. Best wishes.”

“Many thanks.  The information I have received from you is of great help. A heartfelt embrace.”

“I, too, managed to stop using glasses for myopia 20 years ago.  In my case, I needed the help of a visual recovery center.  The center had an optometrist and two psychologists.  Something that I learned from them while I was recovering my sight impacted me:  They told me that, in fact, we don’t see with our eye.  The eyes just serve as a window that allows the light to pass through.  The act of seeing really is done by our minds.  Congratulations, Lech, for your initiative.  Carry on the good work!”
Jorge Sellares

“Thanks Lech, the exercise looked very useful.  I will enter the Holistic program today and try it.  Best wishes”

“MANY THANKS! I am waiting impatiently for the “The Luck of the Myopic” material.  Many thanks again for your disinterested work.  I have been myopic since I was 2 years-old, that is 35 years ago, and I now wish to begin the training program to improve my sight.  Warm wishes from Sevilla.”

“It’s a pleasure to read these words.  Once again, many thanks.” Rafael

“Dear Lech. I congratulate you on your dedication to helping those people in need based on your own experience.  I think we are on the same lines with the same objective, that is to raise awareness among people that they are capable of changing their lives.  With expectations, I look forward to receiving your response.  Have a good day.”
Karina Podetti

“Thanks for the information.  Regards. Roberto”

“Very interesting!! …. I look forward to receiving the second part. Many thanks. Laura”

“Hi Lech.  I am Marco, your friend forever from Atacames.  Greetings from Florida/USA and good luck.  Can you please provide me with the promotional information?Thanks.”

“Thanks Don Lech. The instruction seems very good and may be able to help many people.  Good work. Ciao.” Maurizio Cagnoli

“Hi friend, I have myopia and I lost my glasses a while back.  But just at that time I began to do the exercises for the field of vision and now I feel a lot better.  I’m really keen to learn about your techniques and how I can treat myself.  Thanks for sharing this with us. Yours.”
Esneire Lopez

“Hi, I’m 22 and I have myopia and astigmatism and without my glasses I can see nothing well.  I’d love to know more about these techniques to improve my sight without having to resort to surgery.”

“I am completely satisfied for the material delivered and for your future support.  I hope you have a good week.”
Yours. Nonny

“Hi.  I am from Spain (Murcia).  I am a 16 year-old girl.  Many thanks for everything.  I have seen your course and I am in the process since I have learned of the Bates method and all that.  One year ago, they detected that I had 1.5 of myopia.  I don’t know if it is more or less in the two eyes, and 0.50 and 1 of astigmatism.  I now note that in many movements I have clear vision and I will continue to practice effectively. Many thanks.”

“Hi Lech,
I am reading the free material and I like it!! I like how things are explained and the ways certain things are said.  Thanks!  I am now keen to receive the complete material.  I can see some very useful things for my own process and also how to better help others.  If you ever visit Barcelona… let me know! And we´ll arrange a “visual” encounter! :)”
Regards, Andrea