causes of myopia

I hope that you will read this discussion regardless of your particular condition. You will find very interesting similarities between the different vision conditions, and gain a deeper overall picture of how our eyes, our minds, our emotions, our genetic inheritance, and our physical health combine to generate particular complications in the visual system.

There are no miracle cures for vision problems, but there are practical steps you can take, both medical and non-medical, to help yourself.

Vision is a holistic enterprise. Only by considering all dimensions of vision can improvement be brought about. What is crucial is the expansion of the mind-eye interaction. And you will experience directly that the programs, exercises and sessions we will mencion in our discussion  are potent in this activation of mind-eye communication.


Before the age of science, the cause of physical defects, such as myopia, was unknown.  Health problems were considered to be the will of God, who was believed to be responsible for an individual’s fate.  Victims had to accept their destiny.

Some believed that health problems were a divine punishment.  Others took a more positive stance and accepted illnesses as fatal coincidences.

With the advent of genetic theory, God was absolved from responsibility.  Instead, genetic code – passed down from our ancestors – was identified as the determining factor.  Such were the implications of this discovery that even today our culture is struggling to overcome them. Indeed, at the beginning of the twentieth century, doctors were convinced that myopia was rooted in one’s genes.

According to this explanation, the onset of myopia is a sad but inevitable fate that cannot be corrected by the individual.  We are at myopia’s mercy and must submit to it.  If our biological make-up is such that the cornea suffers an aberration or there is excess liquid, produced in the eye thereby and increasing the internal pressure, or if the shape distorts and it becomes lengthened or any other possibility, then we have to accept the fact and spend the rest of our life in that condition.

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