Vision and Diabetes Alternative Treatment

vision and diabetes

For our purposes here, we need to focus on the effects of diabetes on the visual system. Diabetes generates a predisposal to blindness which is twenty times that of the general population! The regular use of insulin serves to keep the diabetic alive and functioning normally, but the disease continues to cause […]

Diabetes and retina

diabetes and your retina

The retina is only three cell-layers thick. This is extremely thin! The layer which rests against the choroid receives its blood supply and vital oxygen from the choroid blood capillaries. The outer layers, however, receive their blood supply directly from blood vessels serving this region of the retina directly. So […]

retina miracles and tragedies

retina miracles and tragedies

“We have now explored almost every major aspect of our eyes. We have seen how the shape of the eye and the curvature of the cornea can affect vision. We have taken a close look at the inner crystalline lens and the muscles which alter its focusing shape. We have […]