the glaucomas alternative approach

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Anxiety is a blocking of an outward movement of the feelings. It is a constriction. We see this constriction in the diaphragm muscle, the chest muscles, the throat particularly, the vocal chords and tongue – so why not assume it could develop in the visual centre as well? As glaucomas!


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We now take a step back from the medical model, and consider the human being as a whole. What does it mean that the eye pressure is increasing? If we put aside the concept that we are pure victims of the ravages of disease, and consider the possibility that […]

the glaucomas -inner eye pressure

the glaucomas – inner eye pressure

The term glaucoma carries with it an aura both of mystery and anxiety. Glaucoma is a devious condition, in that no noticeable symptoms develop until after damage has actually begun to occur in the visual system. The only early detection method is a regular yearly check-up […]