Cataracts alternative approach

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Thus, in considering whether we do have any ability to bring about a conscious alteration of our cellular functioning, the answer from the scientific point of view seems to be, more and more definitely, ‘Yes!’.

The practical task at hand, then, is the development of a program which will successfully […]

alternative approaches to cataract treatment 1

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The symptoms of cataract development are a decrease in visual acuity which is not associated with pain or inflammation of the eye. Some people experience this loss of clear vision as a film or cloud over the eye, others complain of general blurriness. Certain types of cataracts also cause exaggerated […]

Cataracts what causes the lens to turn cloudy

what causes the lens to turn cloudy?

Complementary to our discussion of presbyopia is a consideration of the condition called cataracts, because both conditions are primarily focused on the lens inside the eye, and both are usually associated with ageing.

A cataract is any clouding of the crystalline lens so that […]