cataracts alternative approach (2)

Thus, in considering whether we do have any ability to bring about a conscious alteration of our cellular functioning, the answer from the scientific point of view seems to be, more and more definitely, ‘Yes!’.

The practical task at hand, then, is the development of a program which will successfully focus your conscious attention on your lens itself. Once this focusing has been attained, the proper images and motivational attitude will be necessary in order to have the desired effect in your lens tissue.

Such a program is certainly experimental. As with the myopia program and the glaucoma program presented already in Holistic Program,  the cataract reversal program is a safe, enjoyable exploration of your personal potential for reversing a negative condition in your body, through conscious focusing of your brainpower on that region.

Some people develop cataracts, but the majority of us do not. Are those of us who develop cloudy lenses simply victims of fate and biology, of genetic predisposition and statistical body failure syndromes? How do you feel about your responsibility in generating a cataract, if you have one? Are you in charge of your body, or is your body some separate mechanism from your consciousness, operating without any influence of your deeper feelings and habits?

The premise of this alternative cataract reversal program is that we are all responsible for our own health. This directly implies that our lifelong habits of negative mental patterns, constricted emotional patterns, and dietary and exercise routines, all contribute to our development of illness at some point in our lives. Do you feel that this is true in your particular case?

Assuming responsibility for the development of cataracts is not the same as feeling guilty, by the way. To assume responsibility for your cellular health is simply to accept what appears to be a physiological reality. And only if you accept this reality and act within its natural laws, can you consciously choose to improve your cellular health.

What we need to do in this program, and in any healing program which is internally directed, is to establish a line of communication between the brain (your consciousness) and the individual cells needing help and correction.

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