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The symptoms of cataract development are a decrease in visual acuity which is not associated with pain or inflammation of the eye. Some people experience this loss of clear vision as a film or cloud over the eye, others complain of general blurriness. Certain types of cataracts also cause exaggerated glare from oncoming headlights of cars.

In all cases, the lens itself is developing parts which are no longer transparent. Sometimes this development takes place in the centre of the lens. At other times the outer portions of the lens are affected first.

Cataracts can take years to develop, or can develop very rapidly in a matter of weeks or months. They can develop in both eyes, or at first just in one eye. But regardless of the pace and mode of development, the resultant loss of clear vision is very disturbing to the sufferer, and anxiety and confusion make matters worse.

Until recently, doctors have scoffed at the idea that someone could alter his or her physical condition through the conscious activity of the mind. The body has traditionally been seen as a complex cellular machine which is not responsive to the parallel world of our consciousness.

But with the advent of the new physics and the deeply penetrating reverberations of the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, our scientific understanding of the mind/body duality has undergone a radical shift. Even such renowned scholarly groups as the American Association for the Advancement of Science have held conferences on such themes as ‘The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World’, with conclusions generally running on the lines of the following:

The new view of consciousness asserts unabashedly that conscious mental activity exerts measurable effects on the physical world – a world which includes human bodies, organs, tissues, and cells. Mind becomes a legitimate factor in the unfolding of health and disease.*


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