Vision and Diabetes Alternative Treatment

vision and diabetes

For our purposes here, we need to focus on the effects of diabetes on the visual system. Diabetes generates a predisposal to blindness which is twenty times that of the general population! The regular use of insulin serves to keep the diabetic alive and functioning normally, but the disease continues to cause physical problems, not only with the eyes, but with heart attack incidence, kidney problems, and poor circulation as well.

It is the circulation factor which most seriously affects a diabetic’ eyes. There are two main developments which can occur, one which usually affects diabetics under 40, and the other which is usually found over this age. With the latter situation, the primary problem is that the capillaries which bring blood to the retina develop an unexplained tendency to leak blood, plasma, and fat-retaining materials, which then collect on the retina.

This leakage affects over 60 per cent of diabetics who develop retinal complications due to their disease, and is called background retinopathy. It does not generate total blindness, but causes a serious reduction in vision due to the covering of the retina with clumps of leakage.

There is obviously not room in a blog such as this, for a complete discussion of the relationship between inherited stress and chronic arousal patterns, and the development of diabetes. What we can focus upon in this alternative approach is a simple diabetic vision program which you can use to explore your ability to heal yourself to whatever extent is possible.

Regardless of which specific visual dysfunction you might be suffering from, or if you have not developed a difficulty but know you might develop one, you can do holistic program basic mind and body healing session to focus the proper state of consciousness on your eyes.

Depending on your age, you know what retinal difficulties might develop, or have developed, in your particular case. Your challenge is to direct your mind to send orders, or requests, to the cells and tissue of your retina and vitreous humour, so that these complications do not develop, or are reversed if they have already begun.


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causes and incidence of myopia

causes and incidence of myopia

Because the incidence of myopia is increasing with every decade that goes by, a serious focus on the causes of such visual deterioration seems essential.

Traditionally, myopia has been treated as a genetic weakness, an unavoidable development inherent in the growth of a child. It was assumed that the outer layers of the eyeball were hereditarily weak, and that the stretching of the eye into an elongated shape was a natural occurrence for a certain percentage of the population.

It does appear valid to associate myopia with a change in the shape of the eyeball. Direct measurement of the distance from the outer surface of the cornea to the surface of the retina does demonstrate that myopic eyes are longer than normal eyes, causing the visual image to come into focus somewhere in front of the retina rather than directly on it.

Studies of various populations throughout the world have shown that myopia occurs with different frequencies in different cultures and environments. For instance, people who live a simple peasant life in rural areas are relatively free of myopic complications, with less then 5 per cent of the population needing glasses. People who live in cities and who are well-educated participants in the complexities of contemporary civilization show a marked increase in myopia. A recent study of a graduating class of college seniors showed that over 50 per cent of them had developed myopic difficulties.

Purely genetic factors could not account for such a difference incidence of myopia. Furthermore, the constantly increasing rate of myopia amongst a general population over a period of less than seventy-five years cannot be explained by any genetic-causation theory.

There seem to be numerous other contributory factors. A look at these will give us a starting point in discussing methods of correcting myopic conditions, and perhaps of helping to prevent the next generations from having to develop the condition at all.

See the next post as we will continue with our discussion on cuses and natural cure of myopia..


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causes of myopia

causes of myopia

I hope that you will read this discussion regardless of your particular condition. You will find very interesting similarities between the different vision conditions, and gain a deeper overall picture of how our eyes, our minds, our emotions, our genetic inheritance, and our physical health combine to generate particular complications in the visual system.

There are no miracle cures for vision problems, but there are practical steps you can take, both medical and non-medical, to help yourself.

Vision is a holistic enterprise. Only by considering all dimensions of vision can improvement be brought about. What is crucial is the expansion of the mind-eye interaction. And you will experience directly that the programs, exercises and sessions we will mencion in our discussion  are potent in this activation of mind-eye communication.


Before the age of science, the cause of physical defects, such as myopia, was unknown.  Health problems were considered to be the will of God, who was believed to be responsible for an individual’s fate.  Victims had to accept their destiny.

Some believed that health problems were a divine punishment.  Others took a more positive stance and accepted illnesses as fatal coincidences.

With the advent of genetic theory, God was absolved from responsibility.  Instead, genetic code – passed down from our ancestors – was identified as the determining factor.  Such were the implications of this discovery that even today our culture is struggling to overcome them. Indeed, at the beginning of the twentieth century, doctors were convinced that myopia was rooted in one’s genes.

According to this explanation, the onset of myopia is a sad but inevitable fate that cannot be corrected by the individual.  We are at myopia’s mercy and must submit to it.  If our biological make-up is such that the cornea suffers an aberration or there is excess liquid, produced in the eye thereby and increasing the internal pressure, or if the shape distorts and it becomes lengthened or any other possibility, then we have to accept the fact and spend the rest of our life in that condition.

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the glaucomas alternative approach

 glaucomas alternative approach (2)

Anxiety is a blocking of an outward movement of the feelings. It is a constriction. We see this constriction in the diaphragm muscle, the chest muscles, the throat particularly, the vocal chords and tongue – so why not assume it could develop in the visual centre as well? As glaucomas!

It should be once again pointed out that certainly, particular doctors and professors in the medical world are now making this step from ‘Newtonian’ medicine to ‘Einsteinian’ medicine. The primary problem with medical education and training is that it requires so much memorization and conceptual work, there is simply no time, space, or energy left for the doctor to develop an expanded understanding of health based on the holistic notion of human organisms.

We are seeing the breakdown of the traditional medical system, as you are most likely aware. But at the same time, evolution carries on, and new forms rise up, often right in the middle of the medical community.

But please notice the vast difference in this approach to the medical approach: in traditional medicine, the patient is the passive victim, putting all his trust and hope in the actions of the external agent, the doctor and the doctor’s drugs. Healing is a process instigated by the intervention of the doctor/priest, with the helpless patient looking to the will and consciousness of the doctor to bring it about.

Does healing or glaucoma healing actually take place in this manner?

If disease is caused by external agents, with the ill person an innocent victim of chance infection, etc., then an external agent could enter the picture and do battle with the external agent causing the disease.

But if disease (glaucoma) is caused by unconscious emotional constrictions and negative thought patterns generated by the consciousness of the patient him or herself, then it must be the patient who acts directly, to heal him or herself.

Don’t you think this way as well?


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psychological factor in hyperopia

psychological factor in hyperopia

The standard treatment for hyperopia is optic: reading glasses are required, and for many children, glasses are recommended for both near and also distance vision, to minimize visual stress and resultant headaches.

Concretely, what needs to happen to the hyperopic eye is that it needs to become slightly more elongated, as shown in the illustration. Also, the cornea needs to become more curved, so as to bend the light at a greater angle and cause proper focusing on the retinal surface, rather than behind it.


At this point in history, no one knows the answer to this question, and few eye doctors are receptive to such psychological theories of causation. But as with myopia, we can go one step further and ask the next logical question: if there were a psychological condition in infancy that inhibited the development of the visual system, might it be possible in adulthood or with youngsters as well, to move beyond this condition?

And if you regularly wear hyperopic glasses or contact lenses, you might want to have your prescription reduced one diopter, so that there is room for improvement in your visual system. If your glasses do most of the focusing work for you, then your vision will naturally become lazy and inefficient. You should also spend regular hours without wearing your glasses, so that you continue to remain in touch with your natural visual condition, and do not feel totally dependent on your glasses for survival.


…….read the next post on this topic.

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glaucomas alternative approach 1

glaucomas alternative treatment approach (1)

We now take a step back from the medical model, and consider the human being as a whole. What does it mean that the eye pressure is increasing? If we put aside the concept that we are pure victims of the ravages of disease, and consider the possibility that we in fact generate our physical ailments why would this condition develop?

The emotional causation theme has long been popular with glaucoma patients and certain ophthalmologists as well.

A traditionalist text on glaucoma states:

‘There seems to be a great tendency among patients to wonder whether nervousness or anxiety has an adverse influence on their glaucoma. Some ophthalmologists are convinced that such is the case. However, the evidence looks quite inconclusive. Attempts to alleviate chronic glaucoma by means of sedatives and tranquillizers seem to us to have been notably unsuccessful, although in an occasional patient some benefit may have resulted.’ *G. K. Krieglstein, Glaucoma, page 7 (New York, I983).

From this short and indecisive statement, we can see the workings of the traditional medical mind. First of all, the entire notion of emotional causation is brushed aside simply because ‘the evidence looks quite inconclusive’. Secondly, the attempts to alter emotional habits with patients were limited to the grossest, and most unsuccessful, form of emotional treatment, that of sedative and tranquillizer treatment. Even in considering emotional causation, doctors still have nothing to offer but the ingestion of drugs for altering a condition of anxiety or stress.

What do we begin to see when we take a closer look at the nature of anxiety? First of all, the word itself comes from the old German angst, which originally meant ‘a choking in the narrows’? This term not only defines anxiety, it also exactly defines what happens in the trabecular meshwork!

If we consider for a moment that glaucoma is not an isolated incident in the eye, but a general expression of a condition of the whole person, what do we find? A person who is anxious is holding in emotions, rather than letting them flow out.


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Cataracts alternative approach

cataracts alternative approach (2)

Thus, in considering whether we do have any ability to bring about a conscious alteration of our cellular functioning, the answer from the scientific point of view seems to be, more and more definitely, ‘Yes!’.

The practical task at hand, then, is the development of a program which will successfully focus your conscious attention on your lens itself. Once this focusing has been attained, the proper images and motivational attitude will be necessary in order to have the desired effect in your lens tissue.

Such a program is certainly experimental. As with the myopia program and the glaucoma program presented already in Holistic Program,  the cataract reversal program is a safe, enjoyable exploration of your personal potential for reversing a negative condition in your body, through conscious focusing of your brainpower on that region.

Some people develop cataracts, but the majority of us do not. Are those of us who develop cloudy lenses simply victims of fate and biology, of genetic predisposition and statistical body failure syndromes? How do you feel about your responsibility in generating a cataract, if you have one? Are you in charge of your body, or is your body some separate mechanism from your consciousness, operating without any influence of your deeper feelings and habits?

The premise of this alternative cataract reversal program is that we are all responsible for our own health. This directly implies that our lifelong habits of negative mental patterns, constricted emotional patterns, and dietary and exercise routines, all contribute to our development of illness at some point in our lives. Do you feel that this is true in your particular case?

Assuming responsibility for the development of cataracts is not the same as feeling guilty, by the way. To assume responsibility for your cellular health is simply to accept what appears to be a physiological reality. And only if you accept this reality and act within its natural laws, can you consciously choose to improve your cellular health.

What we need to do in this program, and in any healing program which is internally directed, is to establish a line of communication between the brain (your consciousness) and the individual cells needing help and correction.

….more in the next posts….

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alternative approaches to cataract treatment 1

cataract treatment alternative approach  (1)

The symptoms of cataract development are a decrease in visual acuity which is not associated with pain or inflammation of the eye. Some people experience this loss of clear vision as a film or cloud over the eye, others complain of general blurriness. Certain types of cataracts also cause exaggerated glare from oncoming headlights of cars.

In all cases, the lens itself is developing parts which are no longer transparent. Sometimes this development takes place in the centre of the lens. At other times the outer portions of the lens are affected first.

Cataracts can take years to develop, or can develop very rapidly in a matter of weeks or months. They can develop in both eyes, or at first just in one eye. But regardless of the pace and mode of development, the resultant loss of clear vision is very disturbing to the sufferer, and anxiety and confusion make matters worse.

Until recently, doctors have scoffed at the idea that someone could alter his or her physical condition through the conscious activity of the mind. The body has traditionally been seen as a complex cellular machine which is not responsive to the parallel world of our consciousness.

But with the advent of the new physics and the deeply penetrating reverberations of the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, our scientific understanding of the mind/body duality has undergone a radical shift. Even such renowned scholarly groups as the American Association for the Advancement of Science have held conferences on such themes as ‘The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World’, with conclusions generally running on the lines of the following:

The new view of consciousness asserts unabashedly that conscious mental activity exerts measurable effects on the physical world – a world which includes human bodies, organs, tissues, and cells. Mind becomes a legitimate factor in the unfolding of health and disease.*


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Ageing Eyes - presbyopia

ageing eyes – presbyopia

The process of ageing certainly has its genetic components, but we know from everyday experience that our basic attitudes towards life determine much of our vitality and sense of youthfulness. Some people appear to be rigid and ageing at 40, whereas others approach 80 with zest, physical agility, and strength.


                                          LENS AND CILIARY MUSCLE


Likewise, there are people who must use reading glasses at the age of 35, and there are others who reach the age of 70 and are still able to read the evening paper without glasses. When an optometrist says that you will need reading glasses after the age of 40, he is assuming that you fit the normal stereotype for health in our present civilization. Perhaps you do. But on the other hand, perhaps you will remain in that minority that retains up-close focusing ability to a much older age.

Unfortunately, optometrists during their professional training are usually instructed that it is best to prepare their patients for the eventual development of presbyopia. Thus, we are told that it is natural to lose our clear vision after the age of 40, and that we should anticipate this development. We are programmed to believe that our eyes will fail us. What effect does this programming have on our visual vitality?

In working with presbyopic clients, I have seen time and again that temporary periods of complete up-close focusing occur when the person is in a relaxed, expansive, unconstricted state of mind. Presbyopia is an extremely variable condition. When a client is locked into a habitual self-concept of fatigue, time pressure, and lost vitality, presbyopia prevails. When the self-image is set aside and the person feels full of vitality, free of emotional restrictions, and joyful, visual functioning returns to the potential of earlier years.

So in dealing with presbyopia, we need to see that we are not dealing with a simple physiological development, static and not reversible. We are dealing with a general mind-state which manifests itself in the physical body.


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relax to improve your vision

relax to improve your vision

The present post shows the other approach to stress reduction /vision improvement — direct focusing on relaxation.

For most of us, our extraocular muscles surrounding the eyes, and the ciliary muscles inside the eyes, are overly tense. If we could only directly massage these muscles, there would be a simple method for dealing with this chronic tension. But the muscles are unavailable for direct contact. So we must turn to the next most practical methods of relaxation.

First begin with the whole body. If the muscles of your body in general receive orders from the brain to relax, you can be certain that the visual muscles receive relaxation suggestions also.

Relaxation is a natural response of the body following physical exertion. What we want to do is to activate this natural process. So first do some jumping, or the personal power exercise, or the fear/ assertion movements. Breathe powerfully and allow your body to develop a sense of increased vitality. Notice how these exercises are affecting your eyes.

Then, to further stimulate the ocular muscles, does the head stimulation exercise, pounding on your head to shake the eyes and loosen the surrounding muscles. The reverse-gravity hang will also help in this first step towards visual relaxation and tension reduction.

Another technique for a visual relaxation is drawn from the Chinese acupressure tradition, employing the fingers to provide stimulation to points which are related with visual relaxation.

Either sitting or lying down, place your thumbs over your temples and arch your fingers so that the forefingers are over the eyebrows. Begin with the fingers touching each other. As you slowly exhale, pull the forefingers across the eyebrows, pressing firmly as you do so, thus stimulating the four acupressure points which he along this line of the eyebrows. You will probably notice the points as you move over them.

Inhale as you move your fingers back to the first position, and then repeat this movement three or four times, always on the exhale. Then cover your eyes with your hands in the palming position  and relax further. (for detalled description of the exercises see Chapter 1 of our holistic program)


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