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July 2013

By: Lech K. Bitka
(and daughter Nathaly)

lech with dauhter

Fortune was smiling upon you when you stumbled across this reliable and life-changing page!

The purpose in providing here quite different points of view and explanations on the origin and cure of vision using the example of myopia is to help rid you of the old ideas of the impossibility of naturally overcoming such disorders.

Speaking from experience, I know only too well how a person with defective sight feels. I lived with this condition for more than 40 years. My life was a constant worry, full of anxiety caused by the limited possibilities of performing in the outside world. Only those who have lived through this experience know what it is like.

I reached -5D lech

How depressing was this separation from light, clarity and knowledge!

Table of values:

- 0.75 diopters of myopia reduces vision to 20/40. Visual efficiency falls to 83%.
- 1.00 diopter of myopia reduces vision to 20/80. Visual efficiency falls to 58%.
- 2.50 diopters of myopia reduces vision to a 20/200. Visual efficiency falls to 20%. (20/20 is 100%) source The Eye Digest – The Myopia Manual



We receive more than 70 percent of our sensory experiences through our eyes.  The majority of our physical movements, our emotional responses, our mental interpretations and also our deepest spiritual ideas are intimately linked to a successful functioning of our visual system.

Each of us has a unique set of habits that reflect our own deep-seated personality.  The way we understand the world is the authentic expression of our essential vision of ourselves.  To want to see better awakens our inner most self and, at the same time, the wish to better understand life in its totality.

In my case, I used to say: I must to see clearly even if it’s the only thing I do in my life, whatever it costs.




Every thought that materializes, every emotion that courses through your body, every movement that you make or fail to make provokes a response in the visual center of your brain. It is this intimate interchange between this center and the rest of your being that forms the basis of this program’s core discussion.




According to past theories, developing myopia was one’s sad but inevitable fate, with no known individual remedy.  It was believed that the consciousness and the body were two independent elements and that the one was unable to influence the other. It seemed as if we were wholly at the mercy of myopia.

If our biological programming led to a slight alteration in the cornea or caused excess liquid to be produced in the eye and thereby increased the internal pressure or caused the eye to elongate, among other possibilities, then so be it. 

We would have to accept this condition as a fact of life and spend the rest of our days behind glasses. However, when considered from the emotional dimension, the situation changes radically. 

Instead of considering myopia as a disorder that afflicts innocent victims, this perspective assumes that the body adjusts itself for good reasons.  A child or a young person develops blurred vision as a positive reaction; as a form of protection and escape from a fearful situation, even an imaginary one, that the organism finds stressful.


True physical healing is the result of an inner healing. With other words; of the emotional recovery and expanding the consciousness beyond the old fears and blocks of perception. Visual recovery, when it occurs, is the final result of affective healing and growth!




We are not our circumstances!

If, when searching for key responses, we purposely focus our attention on our interior, instead of being resigned or conforming to our circumstances, we’ll find numerous possible solutions to liberate us from the majority of our sufferings.

As soon as we accept the problem of vision as a challenge, sooner or later we realize that our problem is, in fact, a blessing in disguise and we will begin to experience it as a portal leading to a higher level of consciousness.

In fact and contrary to popular belief, our dysfunctions or difficulties also represent an opportunity, a sign, an invitation to know ourselves, to connect to our higher capabilities, to connect to our Superior Self.  As a result of this connection, we can obtain a better vision and quality of life, a quality that greatly exceeds any imagination!




The Problems You Experience With Your Eyes Are, In Fact, The Warnings Issued By Your Consciousness And Your Body.  They Reflect The Deep Level Of Interdependence Between Your Way Of Being And Your Way Of Seeing!




Same years ago I had the fortune to learn of this reality from my later mentor and friend US psychologist John Selby.

Inevitably, this information is also closely related to both the ancient spiritual teachings found in different cultures as well as the recent scientific discoveries on the behavior of energy.

After applying these self-healing concepts, I experienced a marvelous and divine sensation of release from a chronic state of visual dysfunction characterized by myopia and astigmatism. And everything was achieved without any outside intervention.


I am profoundly grateful for having the privilege of this experience!


This is why I called this program: The Luck of the Myopic. Some of you are undoubtedly asking yourselves… what luck is there in being myopic?


Having achieved it, I now know that other people suffering from visual problems can also benefit.  My most sincere wish is to reach out to all those affected people with the following message of hope:


You too possess the natural, marvelous and immense potential to be able to cure yourself of problems involving eyesight and health in general!



Consciousness is a healing energy, and I’ll show you how it works!
By focusing on your interior, your eyes and your health will start to respond!


Now, with the authorization of John and your permission, I would like to introduce the Holistic Vision Improvement Program



This New Three Simple Steps Method For Improving Vision With No External Support consists of the following:

Step Nº 1. Change your paradigm on the possibility of improving your eyesight by yourself
Step Nº 2. Increase and expand your awareness of your body and your entire being
Step Nº 3. Discipline and calm your mind to admit the healing processes and so begin to experience eyesight improvements

How do we do it?

1. The first objective is achieved by reading the descriptive parts of Part One of the Program as well as Parts Two and Three
2. The second objective is achieved through the exercises set out in Part One and the specific exercises in Part Two of the Program
3. The third Program objective is achieved through the meditation and visualization sessions described in Parts Two and Three.



Perhaps this is the most exciting part of the program.  Just by undertaking the few simple visual exercises presented in the first part of this course you’ll quickly be able to bring about a remarkable development in your whole personality.

Actively educating and transforming yourself is the principal factor in the healing process.  You then approach your inherent powers to consciously address the mind. 

In this program, the traditional ‘patient’ is no longer the passive recipient of help.  Rather, he assumes the complete responsibility for his physical condition. Seems complicated? 


I can assure you that it’s not!


Indeed, this visual program is part of a personal growth program that seeks to provide a rapid growth in your personality and your consciousness! So, while focusing on your eyes you’ll actually be helping your entire self.




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part 1Part I Fundamentals constitutes the Program base. Offering a variety of practical exercises and programs, this section is designed to improve the basic visual functions and explain the following matters:

1. Vision and the eyes
2. Vision and respiration
3. Vision and awareness of time
4. Vision and muscular coordination
5. Vision and individual habits
6. Vision – accommodation and monitoring
7. Visual performance
8. Connecting the eyes and the brain
9. Types of perception
10. The eyes and the mind
11. Visualizations of form, movement, color and space
12. Regressions
13. Nutrition for the eyes
14. Movements and the eyes
15. Physical exercises
16. Visual and emotional health
17. An encounter with the emotions
18. Healing the emotions
19. Relaxation and vision
20. Relaxation exercises
21. The pleasure of looking
22. Visual liberty
23. Perception of beauty
24. Exercise programs

part 2Part II contains all the specific information and programs required for improving and recovering from myopia:

1. Myopia
2. Research results
3. Emotional problems
4. Optometric treatment
5. Attempts at surgery
6. Alternative programs
7. Support exercises
8. Improvement program
9. Recovery program
10. Meditation program
11. Accommodation/movement program

part 3Part III; contains alternative information and treatment programs for:

1. Presbyopia and hyperopia
2. Cataracts
3. Glaucoma
5. Allergies
6. Problems of the retina

Not only is this program free of any risk of complication but those who respond to the exercises and sessions have the prospect of a total recovery. Even those experiencing only partial success can be assured that the practices will increase their visual performance and enjoyment, their physiological integration and their entire personality.



The new scientific perspective is as follows: not only is it possible that the conscious influences matter, but it is impossible for it not to do so.  The conscious is an active force within the universe, especially within the universe of your organism. This explains the importance of spiritual awareness at all levels.

You Can Begin the Complete Holistic Program Now At A Bargain Price!
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You’ll be wondering about the cost of this New Transforming Program. The question is not easy to answer.

How does one calculate the value of permanent INNER SATISFACTION, of EMOTIONAL HARMONY or MENTAL PEACE AND CLARITY?

What price would you put on being able to enter into and live in a state of HIGHER AWARENESS and WELLBEING?

What would be the cost of the power to SEE AND BETTER UNDERSTANDING LIFE IN ITS ENTIRETY?`

The true value of the Holistic Course 'The Luck of the Myopic’ is incalculable given the quality of life that it can lead to!



Internet is awash with proposals that seek to sway the public with a string of testimonies.  I prefer to save space since I have no wish to convince you by quoting the supposed virtual successes of others.  I’m going to concentrate on providing you with something sought-after, positive and very real – AND PERSONAL!


Question: By merely hearing of people who have managed to improve their visual circumstances, will you be able to improve any particular condition of you own?… NO!

Without having a deeper understanding of the subject and so be able to obtain new responses, and, without the mental state appropriate to maintaining a serious commitment to yourself … will there be the slightest change to the quality of your sight?… NO!

I’m not going here to excite you – or hypnotize you – by presenting data or testimonies from individuals unknown to you. NO!

The Idea is As Follows: Commit Yourself And Be Your Own TESTIMONY!



Imagine for a moment how your life would be if you used this program’s techniques and suddenly noticed that you have cured yourself!

How would you feel if you were the first person you knew capable of achieving this healing process?

What would your family and friends think?

Prepare yourself for all these rewards of revitalizing your sight!



The Holistic Program The Luck of The Myopic provides a guide to obtaining and maintaining good health and enjoying excellent eyesight.


But you can’t compel your vision to improve.  All we can do is to encourage the process.  The “trick” is to provide the opportunity for growth and development but without attempting to force the change process.

The state of our health and psychological growth is unique to each one of us: only you know how willing you are to rehabilitate your vision. Be careful, though, not to pressurize yourself.

Perception and a clear awareness of a determined part of your body at the present time is the key element in this program to improve and recover your natural visual capacity.

Self-wisdom will undoubtedly block recovery until you are emotionally prepared to take this Step!




Even if the damage to your eyesight means that you won’t respond to the self-healing techniques, you will benefit from emotional and spititual growth.  While not apparent on the outside, your internal light will shine more intensely than ever.

Refractive errors are the most common problems affecting sight.  It is estimated that just in the U.S. more than 150 million Americans apply corrective measures to compensate for refractive errors.

Americans spend more than US$15 billion each year on corrective aids, sustaining an optical industry valued at more than US$30 billion (source: National Eye Institute). Without any improvement to their situation!!.


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bonus 1

study case Approaching Myopia Holistically: A Case Study and Theoretical Exploration

"Myopia can also be described as a pattern of pronounced tension in the forehead, jaw, neck, shoulders, upper arms, and lower back. It can be described as a reduced peripheral awareness and a prolonged central fixation time (staring) (Schneider et al., 1994). Myopia can be construed as a “state of compressed anxiety and unconscious apprehension” (Goodrich, 1985) and “introvertedness, overcontrol of emotions and a high tolerance for anxiety” (Lanyon and Giddings, 1974)...

Healing myopia, then, becomes a process of change: a relaxation of body tension; increasing peripheral awareness; an expansion of a sense of context and an increase in the fluidity and depth of movement of eyes, body, thought and feeling. (It should also be noted that although myopia is the topic of this paper there have also been reports of healing other vision difficulties using these techniques, e.g., congenital cataracts and nystagmus [Schneider, 1987])."


bonus 2

useyourowneyes by W.B. MacCracken, M.D.

"This book is dedicated to the memory of W.H. Bates, M.D. It was his discovery, and his lifework, that founded and established the system which can prevent the impending degeneration of the eyes of civilized humans. His genius and his fine courage made it possible for him to bequeath this magnificent gift to the race."


bonus 3

bonus 3by W. H. Bates, M.D.

"Most writers on ophthalmology appear to believe that the last word about problems of refraction has been spoken, and from their viewpoint the last word is a very depressing one. Practically everyone in these days suffers from some form of refractive error. Yet we are told that for these ills, which are not only so inconvenient, but often so distressing and dangerous, there is not only no cure,and no palliatives save those optic crutches known as eyeglasses, but, under modern conditions of life, practically no prevention."


bonus 4

seeing space by Antonia Orfield M.A. O.D.

"I can still remember discussions with my brother when we first needed glasses at age 12; long wistful talks about the survival of the fittest and how we, whit our nearsighted genes, were probably only allowed to survive childhood becaus of the invention of glasses. Otherwise, we would be run down by trucks or eaten by lions. Now, though, whit our ofthalmic cruches we myopes could all go forth and multiply. That was evidently the reason that more and more of us appeared every year wearing glasses. Or was it? Yet when I told my ofthalmologist that surelly God had not intended that evolution should lead to a human race so rampantly nearsighted, he assured me that whether God intended it or not, that was the things were and anyone who said otherwise was a quack. I wasn’t convinced, but gradually, as I lost more and more control of my vision, I started to believe him."



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Larry Dossey, one of spokespersons in the emerging era of self-healing, writes in ‘Space, Time and Medicine’:

“It is the sense of reference, integrity and unity that enables the healing power to flourish. It is the power we have lost in our era, but that we can recover through a new understanding of space, time, matter and of ourselves.”

You don’t have to wait for a better world, you have the power to create it yourself, here and now! If you say you can – perfect, if you say you CANNOT – fine, you’ll stay as you are! You can choose your reality since in reality you are your choice!

lech imageLife, First And Foremost
Lech K. Bitka



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